Jan 25, 2014

Spree Picky Galaxy Star Sailor fuku REVIEW

Hey guys~I present to you mascot Mimi,wearing this sweet attire~ I'm posting this picture as a review for a Spree Picky product : Galaxy star Sailor Fuku. 
Please visit the store here if you're interested -> spreepicky.storenvy.com/produc… ! They have amazingly cute,adorable outfits and accessories!! 
This here is the product and where you can get it form: spreepicky.storenvy.com/produc…

About Spree Picky: 

SpreePicky was found in August, 2013 with a idea of picking customer the best cute fashion with lower cost and best shopping experience. We professional team know what's the best loved items you might fond of and we have the best price for the shipping with fast service <3

Ok now,so on to the review itself: 

 Galaxy star Sailor Fuku review~~Shipping took about 20 days, I got this a few weeks ago and I got to wear it on several occasions. I still need to take the perfect pictures in it x'DDDDD it deserves a proper photo shoot lol xD . 

Ok,so let's move on. I chose the purple version. I really liked the gradient on the skirt,because it was so vibrant and stood out.

 The blue one was pretty as well,but I think the purple one has this extra charm because of the shades of pink on it's skirt >w< // .
 The shirt is made out of a pretty thin material,but surprisingly it's quite warm. I wore it this month and I never felt chilly in it (and usually I feel cold all the time *A*;; ) .
 I like the fact that the shirt has a side zipper on the lower edge,so if you're afraid of pulling the shirt on or off,you can always unzip it and it will fit no matter what. Convenient,huh? ^w^~. The collar,ribbon and cuffs are made of the same material as the skirt,so they are all having the same galaxy print. Also,the ribbon is detachable,so the shirt can also be worn without it....but where would the charm be without the pretty ribbon? x'''DD I'm really glad with this product,it's really neat and well made, the print is marvelous, the fabric is good,colors are vibrant. So it's really worth it~~ If you want a galaxy star sailor fuku of your own, I suggest SpreePicky 

Hope you liked this review and found it useful  ^w^ ~~ 

Nyoko-chan <3

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