Jan 27, 2014

Sweet Spirits Sponsored review- January 2014

Hello sweeties~~! So,here's my first~sponsored review for Sweet spirits adorable accessories~~ Here's the store where you can get them from. --->http://sweetspirits.storenvy.com/ 

Make sure to visit the shop soon,because there's going to be a brand new collection coming out
any day now!!!<3 So stay tuned >w< 

Sweet Spirits is a lovely shop that sells cute handmade accessories,perfect for those who are adept of 
Fairy kei and Harajuku fashion <3 
The colors are sweet,bright and pastel,matching perfectly with those playful and lively styles.

Package took around 10 days to arrive,which was quite fast~ all items were carefully packed in small,cute
boxes ~~ 

I'll start off my introducing some of the products that I've been sent by Sweet Spirit's lovely owner,
Tal-chan <3

Now this is original. Rather then the old-fashioned business card,Sweet Spirits hands out those~

Sweet spirits cute card  It's printed on a layer of magnet,so if you want to make your fridge look cute for example, go ahead. hehe x'/// > 

~~ And here are all the lovely goodies~~

First there's this cute sea shell necklace made out of colorful and glittery resin~~ It's quite big,but it's not heavy at all,which is quite convenient. Really loved the way the colors blend on this one <3

Next up,there's a pair of wonderful ear-rings <3 Made out of the same kind of material as the necklace above. Those are sooo smooth and glittery omg <3<3<3 Also,the colors blend just as perfectly as in the previous item,making them match quite well ~ 
~Me wearing the cute cute ear-rings <3 You can see they are also rather large,so quite visible~ 

~Another necklace, this time a semi-transparent,glittery', 'melting' moon~
I wear this one quite often because it's also very light and I adore this subtle transition from transparent to opaque. It reminds me of gummy sweets x'///DDD ...glittery gummy sweets,I guess xD 

See? See how pretty it looks? >//w//<  

And here's a last necklace~but to be honest,my favorite one <3<3
A tiny star-shaped bottle with an even tinier sea-shell inside ;////////w///////; omg
How cute is that???<3 And it also has a little wing attached to the chain <3<3
This one got really popular and I wore it the most when I went to school or out with friends.
Girls went crazy about it >w< 

 And last,but not least, a cute,this time BIG transparent bow~
It works great as a lovely addition to colored wigs <3
 And it's filled up with all sorts of adorable,tiny stuff ;/////w/////; 

I must say I'm really impressed with all the hard work Tal-chan puts into all those accessories that she makes! They all turn out so precious and unique,since no mold is completely identic to any other one ~
Each accessory is different,so you could say they are truly unique  <3

Lovely shop, lovely items,trustworthy and very kind seller <3
All those make Sweet Spirits into a grade A+++ shop which I warmly recommend to anyone
who's looking for cute and unique accessories <3 

Don't forget to visit Sweet Spirits store at : 

Nyoko-chan <3<3

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