Feb 28, 2014

Violleville -cute accessories review~

Hey everyone~ I hope you're all ready for what I think is one of the cutest accessories bunch I've seen in soo long ;/////w///////;
Taaadaaaaa!!! Violleville is without a doubt one of my favorite shops for accessories on Storenvy! 
I feel soo so lucky to have been sponsored by the lovely Kelly,who has sent me those precious little accessories she makes! T//w//T  
Thank you so much <3 You're amazingly talented,Kelly!

Here's the link to Violleville shop on storenvy: 

The batch came along with this cute business card <3

And everything came nicely packed in this little pink sack ^v^

 Honestly...I have no idea how you people manage to make such great stuff!! Q//o//Q 
The quality of those accessories is flawless! They look soooooo real and almost edible!! xDD
If you have a weakness for sweets accessories (like I do),you'll LOVE this shop!

 I'll start with this starshaped-biscuit-chocolate coated (makes me hungry) ring <3
It looks so real and yummy I have a hard time not munching on it ;w; 
The texture is so lovely and looks so real and the chocolate has some colorful sprinkles in it!!

 so lovely ;w; <3
It's just like a real biscuit <3

Moving on now to the bunny-shaped chocolate necklace~~
 Seriously,this piece looks soo cute and edible,I don't even know how I resist not chewing on it whenever I put it on xDDD 
The accessory has absolutely no flaw ( ignore the dots,those are some bits of dust that came out of the fabric I used for the bg e___e;;; didn't notice them until I saw the pics uploaded..anyway)
The materials is soo smooth and feels like real chocolate when touched ; 7 ; 
Only that it doesn't melt,but remains awesome for ever xDD
This necklace would surely boost your cuteness level by loads :D so go for it!<3

Here's something for the Oreo fans! OMG...mint colored....tiny oreo...necklace.....!!!!! *DIES*
Once again,this looks SO REAL! It's really a miniature,adorable Oreo! It looks so perfect!
The biscuit looks so textured and authentic while the cream looks puffy and soft..omg
Like I said, a must-ave for oreo lovers xDD ( I love oreo too,soo much,so I was really REALLY glad when I got this one~ I'm on a diet,so I don't get to see any of those..aside from this necklace xD
I'm completely sweet deprived since November,but I'm surrounded by sweet accessories <3 Ha ha)

Yes,as you can see,this jolly accessory represents a yummy purple cupcake <3 
The cream part looks once again so puffy and real,as well as the bottom part~
It also has a fitting purple chain for the necklace.

I also got this cute bunny hair clip ^v^ 
It's really tiny but it's a lovely add-on to colorful wigs or outwear,if you like dressing up in a more doll-ish style.

 And there was also this lovely heart necklace. See how it has those colorful little stars added to the side, I thought the idea was really nice,making out of it a simple yet adorable piece <3

Those would be the stuff from Violleville~ Hope you like them as much as I do,because they are worth every cent! Really, they are so well and carefully made,it's obvious there was a lot of effort put into each piece, making each accessory very special! 
Please visit Violleville store,because you'll find there sooo many more amazing stuff! 

Till next time,folks! 

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