Mar 12, 2014

I.Fairy Nova Blue- Circle lenses review~

Hey everyone~ Today I'll be reviewing a very beautiful pair of circle lenses sponsored by Uniqso,
namely "I.Fairy Nova Blue"
Uniqso is one of the largest and most trustworthy circle lenses shops I've come across.
Communication with the shop was great,I got lots of information and help from the lovely
Lee Lee. Thanks! <3

Additionally the circle
 lens library reveals alot of information which you will
 find no where else than Uniqso. It answers almost all of the
 questions that may rise in one's mind regarding circle contact lenses .
 Even if you need makeup tips with circle lenses or even
 makeup inspirations for your office/party or cosplay you
 should atleast once visit the seller's website

I also won a giveaway held by Uniqso,so I got a bunch of lenses ahaha,but I'm saving 3 pairs for later on:

Sooo,I've had my eyes set on those lenses for quite some time now,so I was eager to try them on
and see how they looked on my eyes <3
I had seen some examples before but none on light/blue eyes,so I couldn't really get
a clear image of how they'd look like.

So this review might be most helpful for those of you who have light/blue/grey eyes (like myself)



Base curve:  8.6 mm
Color tones:  2 tones
Diameter: 16.2  
Water content: 55% 
Replacement period: 12 months

 The lenses came in those little bottles 

And this is how they look like while in the lens case. 
As you can see,they have an interesting pattern that allows your natural color to peek through the lens.
I find this really awesome and I also love the fact that the black rim ( limbal ring ) isn't that big.
I actually intend to use those for cosplay,even if people indicate it would be better to use some
lenses with a thick limbal ring,for them to stand out more, I personally prefer
some less unnatural looking lenses. (even if it's cosplay)

The color is really nice on this pair. Well,they aren't as opaque as I expected them to be,so indoors the color isn't very strong,but outside or in a well lit space,they do look great on the eyes!

Another thing that I love about those lenses is the fact that I put them on really easy! Unlike other lenses I own,those are the 2nd easiest pair to put on,which is a great plus in my book~
Also,they are very comfortable to wear! The most comfortable pair I have so far while also being the pair with the largest diameter,which is swell. 
I wore them at most for 5 hours so far,but they didn't bother me at all. After removing them,my eyes felt a little dry,but eyedrops did the trick. Still,eyes didn't sting or anything~

 Here's how they look on my eyes. As I said,my eyes are blue/grey + a hint of brown on my left eye (so if you notice some brown,it belongs to me,it's not part of the lense's texture, don't worry :))) ) 
My eyes are also quite large naturally,so the enlargement effect isn't that striking,but it works. I didn't want them to look humongous in the first place,so this is exactly the enlargement I wanted to get.  They measure a diameter of 16.2 ,so they are quite large and would do a great deal of enlargement to whoever has slightly smaller eyes. 
Also,I like the fact that they create this nice halo effect around the eyes,where the colored part covers the sclera. It is slightly visible here,but once again,since my eyes are quite large,there's not that much of it.
Maybe if they had an even smaller limbal ring,there would be more space for the halo part *sigh*

The color blends really well with my own,so I'm really satisfied with this. 
Aside from not being very opaque,the only slight downside I found with this pair of lenses is the fact that they kind of move around whenever you look in a different direction. You might get a blurry vision from time to time,due to the texture they have,the blue part of the lens might get very close to your pupil,thus making things blurry. But they usually find a good position on their own once you look straight again,so it's not that much of a problem.
So,I  plan to use those lenses during the next convention,as I find them more fitting to create really doll-ish looking eyes for the characters that I'm going to dress as.

Anyway,here I've had another attempt at Erio Touwa from "Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko"
(seriously STUPID anime...the only reason I agreed to skip through it was Erio,who is one of the most gorgeous,cute characters I've set eyes on <3 ..otherwise this anime should not exist.. but hey,we're not here to review that series..sooo..moving on ) 
This is just a make-up test and a lens try out,not the actual cosplay (which will have to wait for a while)
Still,I'm glad with how things turned out.

 (Erio in her all-mighty prettiness) 
I think those lenses are fit for this. Of course..her eyes are huge.. but I think this pair does the trick without looking creepy xD
So,as can be seen in this picture,the effect those lenses give is really great.  I think they are way better then the Sakura candy blue ones that I used before. They fit the character much better.
I yet have to get a better wig for her,but for now this one works,as I took the pictures indoors. I'll probably get to take a few pictures outside if the weather is on my side ^v^

Here are some more pics as Erio: 

As a summary: 

I give them a 4/5 but they are my favorite pair so far~

Size : 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Color: 4/5 (indoors) 5/5 (outside or in a well lit space)

I really love those lenses and I'm very glad I chose them for this review! Hope I'll be able to wear them on many occasions,since they are ultra useful for portraying young,cute characters <3  Hohoho~ 

Thank you very much for reading my review~~ 
See you again next time <3 


  1. Beautiful lenses review, those contacts look perfect on you! Congratulations on winning the contest :)

    Also, your blog is beautiful <3

    1. Hello Ophelia,
      thank you very much! I'm really glad you like my review as well as my blog <3
      I really appreciate your support! >//v//<



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