Nov 3, 2014

HUGE Uniqso - Sponsor review: Part 1- Kaname Madoka cosplay wig/ Beuberry cherry pink circle lenses/White cosplay wig.

Hey everyone! It's been a while ^_^ Sorry for the long absence,but I'll try and make up for it by posting a detailed review for a bunch of products,kindly sponsored by Uniqso! 

I'll make sure to cover all the essential details that need to be 

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Important info about circle lenses: 

Please wear the circle lenses accordingly! Make sure your hands sanitized is Properly Before handling the lenses.
In case of any sort of discomfort, please take the lenses off it immediately! Make sure They are clean and if discomfort persists DO NOT PUT THEM ON AGAIN . Better throw away Them Rather THEN year risking getting your eyes damaged or infection. Lenses Can Be Replaced, though your eyes is priceless! Keep That in Mind. 
If your lenses get dry, DO NOT TRY TO PUT THEM ON AGAIN . Soaking Them in solution won't help. You'll have to throw away Them. 
Please replace the lenses They expire once!

Without further ado,here are the products :

Beuberry cherry pink circle lenses

image from the site:

Ok,so those are the lenses that I used for the Kaname Madoka cosplay ( from Puella Magi  Madoka magica anime) 


Lenses Details : 
Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days

Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%
How they look on my eyes:

As you might know from my previous reviews and from my pictures, I have blue/gray eyes,so I usually have some issues finding circle lenses that look good on my eyes. 
I won't lie,I did have some worries regarding those lenses when I first ordered them,thinking that they might turn out to look creepy.
Luckily,they didn't.. they actually turned out to be BEAUTIFUL!
I can't describe how much I LOVE this pair of lenses! They were just perfect and turned out to be the perfect choice for me!
They are very opaque ,having a really vibrant coloring and a beautiful pattern.
The limbal ring make them look really doll-ish ,while the space surrounding the pupil isn't that big,
so your natural eye color won't show that much.  This is a good thing for those of you who have light colored eyes. 
Wearing these lenses at a local convention (Nijikon 2014) I caught the eyes of many people,asking me about the lenses and where I got them from,noticing just how vibrant and pretty they looked.  
I had no problem wearing them for as long as 10 hours. My eyes started feeling a little dry and tired later in the evening,after 6-7 hours of wearing,but nothing much. There was no discomfort while wearing them and I was able to put them on really easy, which is a big plus in my book.
Overall I'm very satisfied with this pair and I'd warmly recommend them to anyone who's cosplaying and needs them pink Moe eyes xDD 

Here's more pictures of me wearing the lenses/wig,so you can make a clear idea of how they look like.

Moving on now to the wig: 

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%
How the wig looks like on the site:

How it looks like in real,after styling it : 

( lol,for some reason there seems to appear this creepy black dot near my pupil when I post the picture on blogspot =)) pff,just try to ignore it. the original picture had no such black point there :v )

When the wig first came in,the wig had long bangs ,reaching to the chin,which needed styling,to adjust to your face shape and preference. My friend,Ioana,helped me with the styling so it turned out really gorgeous. The color is also perfect for Madoka and the pigtails were thick enough to style accordingly.
This wig is really great because it's not shiny,the hair is thick,it has no bald patches and it's heat resistant.meaning you can either straighten it or curl it without a problem. 
All in all,it's one of the best wigs I got so far and it's a perfect choice for cosplaying Madoka. 

Moving on to the last product for today:

                                              Cosplay Wig - Touhou Project - Fujiwara No Mokou

How the wig looks on the site: 

Processing Time3 - 4 working days
Type100% heat resistant fibre
Wig ColorWhite
Wig Length100cm
How it looked in real,after styling it: 

Initially I wanted this wig to cosplay Menma form Anohanna (I still plan to do that some day and I actually might for the next review),but seeing how pretty it is,it inspired me for a future cosplay that I'm really eager to start working on,sometime soon.
The wig is beautiful, the hair si very loong and silky, thus it's pretty easy to comb and untangle. Caution is advised when pulling on the hair tho,since it has a small tendency to lose some of it. 
It's 100 cm long,which makes it perfect for cosplaying anime characters (who have some ridiculously long hair in some cases :)) ) 
Since it's heat resistant,it can be styled and curled without any problem. 
It is a bit fragile from this point of view,but I've seen way worse. It has some small patches that could have used some more hair,around the back side,but it's nothing too bad. 
It's not that shiny,but not very matte either,it's acceptable.
I'm very glad that I chose this wig for the review and I recommend it to anyone who intends to cosplay some white haired characters ^_^  

More pictures of me wearing the wig: 

This would be it for today ^^ Hope you enjoyed this review and that it helps you decide on your future purchases :  >
Have a great week and see you again in a few days,with part 2 of this Uniqso review!


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