Mar 19, 2015

HUGE Uniqso - Sponsor review 5: Sakura Chiyo Wig- Nibutani Shinka wig - I.Fairy star violet lenses - Beuberry NV green lenses/ lolita wig X - Beuberry MI Blue

 Hello once again to yet another review ^o^ /  I have a bunch of lovely products to write about today, kindly sponsored by Uniqso
Hopefully the info I provide in this review will help you decide on what wigs/lenses to buy 
from their store! ^^
I recommend this store as a very trusted source to purchase circle lenses!
Their services are alway prompt and they will gladly help you out in case of any problem . Products from this store are of high quality and they have a huge variety of both lenses and wigs /skin care products to chose from ^_^ 

Do not forget to use the code " Amena "to get a 10% discount on any pair of lenses ~ ^ v ^

Uniqso  is one of the Largest and most trustworthy circle lenses shops I've come across.
Communication with the shop was great, I got lots of information and help from the lovely
Lee Lee. Thanks! <3

Additionally the circle
 library lens reveals alot of information Which you Will find
 No Where else then at Uniqso . It answers Almost all of the 
 Questions That May rise in one's mind regarding circle contact lenses.
 Even if You Need makeup tips with circle lenses or Even
 makeup inspirations for your office / party or cosplay you
 SHOULD at Least once visit the seller's website!
 Also, the  circle  lens   library reveals a lot of information! So make sure to
Important info about circle lenses: 

Please wear the circle lenses accordingly! Make sure your hands sanitized properly Before handling the lenses.
In case of any sort of discomfort, please take the lenses off  immediately! Make sure They are clean and if discomfort persists DO NOT PUT THEM ON AGAIN ! Better throw them away rather then risking getting your eyes damaged or  any infection. Lenses can be replaced, though your eyes are priceless! Keep That in Mind. 
If your lenses get dry, DO NOT TRY TO PUT THEM ON AGAIN . Soaking Them in solution won't help. You'll have to throw them away !
Please replace the lenses  once they expire at once!

( example available on  the site) 

Processing Time3 - 4 working days
Type100% heat resistant fibre
Wig ColorOrange
Wig Length65cm

How the wig looks irl : > 

This is probably my favorite Uniqso wig so far! The color is really vibrant and amazing,without being shiny (it might look a bit shiny if the room is dark and you use flash). Otherwise the texture is really matte and beautiful.
Hair isn't as thin as with other wigs but neither too thick,which makes it easy to style and comb.
The wig isn't very long either,which once again makes it easier to comb and maintain.
I really recommend this wig for a Sakura Chiyo cosplay,as I thin it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! ^ o ^ <3<3

(Sakura pictures for the reference ^^ ) 

(examples on Uniqso) 

Processing Time3 - 4 working days
Type100% heat resistant fibre
Wig ColorBlonde
Wig Length75cm

Ok, so here's how the wig looks like irl ^^ 
I found it is actually a bit lighter colored then the actual reference picture on the site, which isn't necesarrily a bad thing. I do like wigs that have a more red-ish shade,rather then full brown,so I was pleased with the color and texture ^_^ 
The hair on this wig is thinner and soft,making it also easy to comb and maintain. It's not very shiny but it does have a bit of a reflex,given the soft hair texture.  It doesn't bother much tho,the wig is still a very lovely one.
Ah,also, it comes with a side pony tail that you can attach or remove whenever ^_^ so it's really convenient. 

(Example picture on the site) 

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%

And this is how the lenses look on my eyes ^o^ 
As the name says as well,those lenses have a pretty star pattern round the edge <3 
I had no problem putting on this pair of lenses, the only problem was they did start feeling a little dry after a while ^o^; 
Overall,they are 16,2 mm,making them one of the big type of lenses,with a base curve of 8.6mm.
The colored area isn't very broad,meaning the natural color of your eyes will show quite a lot through them. Because of this,even tho the color is pretty,they don't seem aaalll that vibrant on your eyes.
My eyes being gray/blue might also be a factor for them not looking too vibrant. After putting them on,they sort of blended with my natural color ,making them more visible only from a smaller distance. This pair is very pretty,but I would probably recommend it to someone with darker eyes,and probably not for cosplay,since the colored area is rather small. 

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%

 Aaaand here is how the lenses look on my eyes ^^
I wanted this pair for a longer time,so I'm really happy I finally got my hands on it : > 
Beuberry is a really good brand if you're looking for circle lenses, since colors are usually very vibrant and they are quite comfortable as well.  
Putting the lenses on was really easy and I barely felt them on my eyes while wearing them ^o^ so they are very comfortable ! 
Color wise they are also very lovely. I was expecting maybe a lighter tone of green,but I still like them a lot <3 Probably the prettiest green circle lenses I own so far ^v^ 
Being 16 mm,they really make your eyes look big and doll-ish,while not looking all that unnatural. 
The color is unevenly set in a circular form around the pupil,so there are spaces where your natural color can peek through,which is another lovely little detail. 

(examples from the site) 

And here's the wig irl ^o^ 
An amazingly pretty one too. I love the color and the nice curls that it has. The hair is pretty thick,which makes the curls stronger and less prone to getting messy. I wouldn't recommend combing the length of it,but rather use a pencil or a stick to untangle it slowly,if it's the case. The entire wig is really thick and full,so you can style it into many different ways with ease,without making it look bald or having rare spots. 

I sort of managed to cut the bangs so weird that it looks a bit like Kotori's hairstyle from some angles :)))))
Anyway,here are some more pictures! ^o^ 


(example from the site)

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%

And here are the last lenses for today's review ~ 
Beuberry MI blue, which are a very good choice if you're looking for vibrant blue eyes,either for cosplay or outings ^^ 
The lenses were very comfy as I wore them,but they later started feeling a bit dry,so I recommend you use some special circle lenses eye drops when wearing them for a long time.(you can also find such drops on uniqso's site)
Size wise,they are really big and make your eyes look very doll-ish,creating a nice halo effect around the iris when looking in different directions. 
The space that's left open between the pupil and the colored portion is fairly big,so your natural eye color will show through there. I personally think those lenses would look good on both dark and light colored eyes. The blue blend really nice with my natural gray color,so I achieved the effect I was hoping for ^o^  yuppie~ 

More pics down below~ 

Sooo this would be it for today~~ I really hope you enjoyed this review and that it helps you decide on choosing easier what lenses or wigs you could get for your next cosplay / party <3 
Take good care!~~ *huuugs* Until next time! 

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