Aug 29, 2015

Uniqso sponsored review 5: Minami Kotori cosplay wig and I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 24 Blue Sky circle lenses

 Hello everyone~   Long time no see! ^o^ /  I have returned with a new review  today, kindly sponsored by Uniqso
Hopefully the info I provide in this review will help you decide on what wigs/lenses to buy 
from their store! ^^
I recommend this store as a very trusted source to purchase circle lenses!
Their services are alway prompt and they will gladly help you out in case of any problem . Products from this store are of high quality and they have a huge variety of both lenses and wigs /skin care products to chose from ^_^ 

Do not forget to use the code " Amena "to get a 10% discount on any pair of lenses ~ ^ v ^

Uniqso  is one of the Largest and most trustworthy circle lenses shops I've come across.
Communication with the shop was great, I got lots of information and help from the lovely
Lee Lee. Thanks! <3

Additionally the circle
 library lens reveals alot of information Which you Will find
 No Where else then at Uniqso . It answers Almost all of the 
 Questions That May rise in one's mind regarding circle contact lenses.
 Even if You Need makeup tips with circle lenses or Even
 makeup inspirations for your office / party or cosplay you
 SHOULD at Least once visit the seller's website!
 Also, the  circle  lens   library reveals a lot of information! So make sure to
Important info about circle lenses: 

Please wear the circle lenses accordingly! Make sure your hands are sanitized properly before handling the lenses.
In case of any sort of discomfort, please take the lenses off  immediately! Make sure they are clean and if discomfort persists DO NOT PUT THEM ON AGAIN ! Better throw them away rather then risking getting your eyes damaged or  any infection. Lenses can be replaced, though your eyes are priceless! Keep That in Mind. 
If your lenses get dry, DO NOT TRY TO PUT THEM ON AGAIN . Soaking Them in solution won't help. You'll have to throw them away !
Please replace the lenses  once they expire at once!

On the the review

On the site it is named as "Uchida Aya" cosplay wig 
The wig as shown on the site


Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Blonde
Wig Length: 80cm

Pictures taken by me: 

Ok, so as you can see in this picture,the wig's color is a light dirty-blond,very similar to the one of Kotori from the love live anime. So the color is accurate ^^
This wig has a very lovely texture,with nice,thick hair, making it look very full and voluminous.
This would be an advantage as the wig won't look by any means bald,like it might occur with other types of wigs. 
Yet,with all tis fullness and thickness,I found it a bit complicated to style it into Kotori's already complex and rather confusing hairstyle ^^;
If you're really good at styling wigs,unlike me,you'd be able to handle it..but otherwise I would suggest asking a friend,who's good at trimming and styling to help out with this wig ; o ;
I nearly messed it up good at some point ^^; thus I decided to just keep it as a regular wig,rather then make it into Kotori's cosplay wig.
The quality of this wig is top notch though,so not a single hair stand fell off during the brushing,and the brushing itself was really easy,surprisingly at how thick and voluminous it actually is!

All in all,I really love this wig,so that's why I decided to keep it in a more simple style,rather than ruin it with my yet very lacking skills at styling wigs ^^;
As you can see in those pictures the wig is pretty long,reaching down to my lower back, just how it's supposed to be length-wise to cosplay Kotori. 

I think this wig's perfect for whoever wishes to use it ..for its actual purpose,that of Kotori's cosplay xD 
But you'll need to be really good at styling wigs to handle this thickness,as it is a really good quality wig,which you wouldn't want to mess up :<  
Once again,if you're not 100% confident in your styling skills, ask a friend who has a lot of experience,so they can help make this wig into an amazing Kotori wig,because the quality is fabulous <3

Another thing I noticed about it. The wig is lovely and has everything perfect to serve as a cosplay wig, but for me personally it isn't very least not for my skin tone :< 
I'm very pale and almost grey-ish xD So the ash blond doesn't really do me justice, accentuating the grey-ness of my skin ^^; That's why I decided it wouldn't be really indicated for me to cosplay Kotori anytime soon ,sadly ^^;; (tho I really love her T ^ T )

Amazing wig ,wonderful quality,perfect color,smoothness and fullness. 
<3 Go ahead and try it out <3

Next up we have:

Lenses as shown on the site 

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content38%

Pictures taken by me 
This would be my 2nd I-codi review,so I already had contact with this new brand added by Uniqso.
And my opinion stays the same. Those lenses are AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE.
Really,so far the most comfortable lenses I've worn,and I did try various types and brands.
I-codi is indeed a really comfortable brand and allows you to wear them for a long time,without even feeling them.
I usually get really dry eyes after wearing circle lenses and my eyes are naturally sensitive to a lot of make-up and lenses,but those are so far the only lenses that didn't cause any sort of discomfort even after many hours of wearing them.
On to the color. 
 The color is very vibrant in a well lit room/environment,but won't stand out too much if the room is darker. 
They give a nice enlarging effect,without looking over the top huge,thus still remaining rather natural looking.
The tone of blue blended quite nicely with my natural gray eye color,so they turned out really pretty <3
I would recommend those lenses more for casual/daily wear rather than cosplay though.
They are very comfortable,so you can wear them for many hours,the color looks really pretty and won't look over the top creepy or big..
But for cosplay you usually seek less natural looking lenses,maybe with a thick outer limbal ring,so they will be visible even form a distance.
They could work really well for cosplay photo shoots,but for events I would suggest some lenses that look more dramatic and less natural. 
This being said, they are indeed really lovely lenses if you're looking for a pair to wear casually or for photo shoots <3 I warmly recommend them for such purpose and encourage anyone who has problems with sensitive eyes to try out I-codi brand,since they are so comfortable! 

 Hope you found the info useful as well as the reference pictures~ >w<

See you in the next review~!!

ps: oh yes, secretly I'm a body builder.. I lift,bro  xD


  1. oh wow *-* I love these circle lenses so much! And they look perfect on you!

    1. Aww thank you!<3 ^//o//^ I'm really glad you like the review ! ^ o ^ Hope it's helpful : >



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