Dec 7, 2015

Uniqso sponsored review 7 - No Game No Life -Jibril wig / Hoozuki no Reitetsu -Hakutaku wig

Hello there guys : > it is that time again and I have returned with yet another Uniqso review,hopefully to help you on choosing the best circle lenses and wigs, for your more or less cosplay needs xD  

I recommend this store as a very trusted source to purchase circle lenses!
Their services are always prompt and they will gladly help you out in case of any problem . Products from this store are of high quality and they have a huge variety of both lenses and wigs /skin care products to chose from ^_^ 

Do not forget to use the code " Amena "to get a 10% discount on any pair of lenses ~ ^ v ^

Uniqso  is one of the Largest and most trustworthy circle lenses shops I've come across.
Communication with the shop was great, I got lots of information and help from the lovely
Lee Lee. Thanks! <3

Additionally the circle
 library lens reveals alot of information Which you Will find
 No Where else then at Uniqso . It answers Almost all of the 
 Questions That May rise in one's mind regarding circle contact lenses.
 Even if You Need makeup tips with circle lenses or Even
 makeup inspirations for your office / party or cosplay you
 SHOULD at Least once visit the seller's website!
 Also, the  circle  lens   library reveals a lot of information! So make sure to
Important info about circle lenses: 

Please wear the circle lenses accordingly! Make sure your hands are sanitized properly before handling the lenses.
In case of any sort of discomfort, please take the lenses off  immediately! Make sure they are clean and if discomfort persists DO NOT PUT THEM ON AGAIN ! Better throw them away rather then risking getting your eyes damaged or  any infection. Lenses can be replaced, though your eyes are priceless! Keep That in Mind. 
If your lenses get dry, DO NOT TRY TO PUT THEM ON AGAIN . Soaking Them in solution won't help. You'll have to throw them away !
Please replace the lenses  once they expire at once!

On to the review~

Example as on site

Processing Time
3 - 4 working days
100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color
Rose Red
Wig Length
(Picture provided by me)

Ok, so my first impression about this wig.. is that it has an amazing color! Seriously,this is probably the most saturated colored wig I own so far,which is a plus as it stays true to the original color of the character.
It's not exactly pink,but more like a saturated magenta,which is really beautiful and eye-catching
This picture here shows the color a tad bit better,yet the actual thing is more saturated.
I really love how full and dense the hair on this wig is,making it easy to style,while also easy to brush and maintain,even though it's remarkably long.
Yes,the hair is hull,but fine and soft enough for it to be easy to comb and keep in a good shape.
It is also heat resistant,so curling or flatening it won't be a problem.
There was no leaking hair,nor did it tangle,and was surprisingly easy to handle,despise of its length.
I have to admit,when I first unpacked it I was a bit intimidated by this wig,thinking it would be a pain to maintain or comb or style,but I was totally wrong :) this was really easy,since it's a really good quality wig.
So I experienced absolutely no issues with it :)
Highly recommended for cosplay,either Jibril or other characters that might have this hair color and hair length ^o^

Ah,yeah,here's also a picture to show up till where it actually reaches :) 

Fabulous wig,none the less :))

Next item for this review is:

Example on the site

Processing Time
3 - 4 working days
100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color
Wig Length
 Now the pictures provided by me 

So this time we get to deal with a short wig,a really cute one too ^_^ 
This was supposed to be a wig for a male character,but as you can see,its shape is really pretty,so I see no problems with it being used also for female characters. 
Texture wise,this wig is a bit more rough then the usual ones,having somewhat thicker,spikier hairs,while staying normally shiny.
I find that to be a good thing,as it can be suitable for everyday use as well,aside from cosplay. It looks pretty natural,so that's another plus. 
Length wise,it reaches a little past my nape,making it the shortest wig I have so far,with longer side-bangs and a short fringe.
Yes,this is what the fringe normally looks like without any styling. I didn't have to cut it any shorter,since it was quite short already.  So if you just want to trim some more of it's length,you won't be having way too much work on this one :) I rather enjoyed that 
It is also made out of a fine material that enables heat resistance,so styling won't be a problem,if you need to straighten or curl some bits of it!

All in all,yet another lovely wig that I had the pleasure to try out,and which I now warmly recommend for those of you who need a wig either for Hakutaku or for your daily wig-wearing needs xD 

Hope you have all enjoyed this review and have found some helpful information about those products! :D
Don't forget to visit Uniqso's store and say alert on the many wonderful season offers that they have during this period :D

Many kisses and hugs! ^ o ^ 

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