Jan 12, 2016

Uniqso sponsored review 8 - Kirigiri Kyoko cosplay wig / Tokyo Ghoul- Nishiki Nishio/Fujisaki Chihiro cosplay wig

Hello there guys , first of all, Happy new year! Hope 2016 brings you all the best and may it be the year in which you make all your wishes come true! ^o^ 
Here I am with another Uniqso review,first one for 2016 :)

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First item is 


(No ..just kidding xD , but this review will be mostly Danganronpa related,soo not that far off : > )

            Dangan Ronpa - Kirigiri Kyoko wig

Example picture from the store

Processing Time3 - 4 working days
Type100% heat resistant fibre
Wig ColorColor Mixed
Wig Length75cm
Pictures provided by me 

I've been a fan of Danganronpa for some time now,so naturally,when I saw this wig I immediately wanted to give it a try,thus here it is :) 
The wig is a nice very light purple shade,and if you'll look closely to it,you'll recognize that it's in fact a mix of light lavender and white hair strands combined,resulting in the original color. 
I'm really happy with this shade,as it looks really similar to the original color of Kyouko's hair,making it perfect for cosplay and photoshoots. 
It also comes with the trademark braid,which can be undone at any point,if necessary, but I decided to keep it.
 (Kyouko as she is portrayed in the anime) 

The bangs on this wig weren't too long,so I didn't really need to style it additionally, so the pictures above show exactly how long the bangs are without any modification. In case the bangs are a bit too long for you,all you'll need to do is snip a bit off,which is pretty convenient. 

Here you can see exactly how long the wig is. 

Brushing it was fairly easy,though the hair is slightly thicker than other wigs that I have,but there should be no issues if you take good care maintaining it. 
The wig is heat resistant,making heat styling and curling possible without any damage to the fibers :) 

     Cosplay Wig - Tokyo Ghoul -Nishiki Nishio

Okay,I know this wig was meant for a different character,but I saw it as fit for Fujisaki Chihiro from Danganronpa, so I used it for that purpose xD Let's pretend it's Chihiro's wig,ok? xD

Item's picture from site 

Processing Time3 - 4 working days
Type100% heat resistant fibre
Wig ColorBlonde
Wig Length32cm

And here are example pictures of how the wig looks like after styling and during cosplay 

This wig was originally meant for a character from Tokyo Ghoul,but while searching for a wig for Chihiro,I came across it and thought it would be good.
I wasn't wrong :)
The wig's color is really pretty and resembles a lot Fujisaki's oficial color,as well as the way that the hairs are styled to point upwards. 
Yes,the wig comes with those strands of hair standing,which saves you a lot of work on putting those together on a normal flat wig. 

It has fairly thick hair,which makes it aa biiit more complicated to comb,compared to the smooth,long hair of other wigs, but otherwise its actual hairstyle wouldn't be as easy to obtain.
The bangs were longer,so I had to ask for a friend to help me with styling them,to look more like Fujisaki's. It is also heat resistant,so any additional heat styling is possible. 

As for the length,you can see in the following picture just where the hair reaches at. 

Personally,I love this wig. It was perfect for what I was aiming to get,so I highly recommend it for more than its actual purpose :) I might even use it for more different characters with such a hairstyle.


This would be it for today's review~ I really hope you found it useful in helping you decide for the wigs that you might want to purchase for your next Danganronpa cosplay~ ^ o ^
Take good care and see you soon~~


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