Feb 1, 2016

Uniqso sponsored review 9 - Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey circle lenses

Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing you a new review for the brand Uniqso ^_^ 

I recommend this store as a very trusted source to purchase circle lenses!
Their services are always prompt and they will gladly help you out in case of any problem . Products from this store are of high quality and they have a huge variety of both lenses and wigs /skin care products to chose from ^_^ 

Do not forget to use the code " Amena "to get a 10% discount on any pair of lenses ~ ^ v ^

Uniqso  is one of the Largest and most trustworthy circle lenses shops I've come across.
Communication with the shop was great, I got lots of information and help from the lovely
Lee Lee. Thanks! <3

Additionally the circle
 library lens reveals alot of information Which you Will find
 No Where else then at Uniqso . It answers Almost all of the 
 Questions That May rise in one's mind regarding circle contact lenses.
 Even if You Need makeup tips with circle lenses or Even
 makeup inspirations for your office / party or cosplay you
 SHOULD at Least once visit the seller's website!
 Also, the  circle  lens   library reveals a lot of information! So make sure to
Important info about circle lenses: 

Please wear the circle lenses accordingly! Make sure your hands are sanitized properly before handling the lenses.
In case of any sort of discomfort, please take the lenses off  immediately! Make sure they are clean and if discomfort persists DO NOT PUT THEM ON AGAIN ! Better throw them away rather then risking getting your eyes damaged or  any infection. Lenses can be replaced, though your eyes are priceless! Keep That in Mind. 
If your lenses get dry, DO NOT TRY TO PUT THEM ON AGAIN . Soaking Them in solution won't help. You'll have to throw them away !
Please replace the lenses  once they expire at once!

      Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey Circle Lenses 

(example on site) 

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones1 Tone
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content38%

(How the look on my eyes) 

Alright, so I've really wanted a pair of lenses that would be able to complement my natural gray eye color and make my eyes look larger but still pretty natural.
Those lenses are really comfortable,as I've worn them for many hours the day I tested them. After removing them,my eyes felt good ^^ Usually my eyes get pretty tired after wearing lenses,so those were good and comfortable,easy to wear even on sensitive eyes like mine.
The gray color is pretty light,maybe a little too light for my eyes.
They look pretty but a little different from what I had in mind.
This is the first pair that I wear and has no limbal ring (outer dark rim),so they felt a bit different from the rest of the lenses. To be honest, I would have preferred for a bit of a dark rim to be around them,so they would stand out a little more. 
But as you can see,they are really pretty and clear,so I like them ^^
But I will continue my search for something that's really perfect for my needs.

(wearing the lenses) 

This would be it for today's review~ I really hope you found it useful and that you'll be able to decide easier with it's help ^ o ^ 

Till next time!  

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